One of my privileges as a pastor is to officiate at weddings. But because of the demands of planting a church I am only able to do a few weddings each year. Below you'll find some information on what is entailed in having me officiate at your wedding. Please read through the frequently asked questions and if you're still interested in talking more about having me perform your ceremony then fill out the form below. 

Whom do you marry?

I give a preference to members of Christ Covenant. Beyond that I'll take requests as my schedule allows. I will marry a Christian to a Christian and a non-Christian to a non-Christian but I won't marry a Christian to a non-Christian. There are very limited cases in which I officiate for a couple in which either the bride or groom have been divorced. 

Where are you licensed to perform marriages?

I am licensed in the state of Virginia to officiate at religious ceremonies in Virginia. Each state has its own laws on who may officiate at wedding ceremonies. If you are planning to get married out of the state of Virginia please research those laws before we talk about your particular ceremony.

Do you require pre-marital counseling?

Yes. Studies have shown that even limited counseling before marriage produces healthier marriages. I typically provide pre-marital and marriage counseling for members of Christ Covenant. You may also pursue counseling from a licensed or biblical counselor if I am unable to provide your counseling.

What do you charge for officiating at a wedding?

That is up to you. And it is customary to pay wedding officiants. But please remember that the average wedding officiant spends 10-15 hours per wedding not including pre-marital counseling and travel. The average amount that pastors receive for performing ceremonies is $200-$300. 

Are there any books that your recommend?

I have everyone I marry read "When Sinners Say I Do" by Dave Harvey, "The Total Money Makeover" by Dave Ramsey, and "Boundaries" by Henry Cloud and John Townsend. I may recommend additional books beyond that depending on the background of the couple. 

What kind of ceremony do you recommend?

In the end I want the bride to be happy with her ceremony. I start with a basic ceremony template and allow the bride and groom to edit it as they please. I don't allow the bride and groom to write their own vows but we can work together to edit the standard wedding vows included in the template. I have performed ceremonies as short as 5 minutes and as long as 45 minutes. The average ceremony is 25-30 minutes. 

Do I need a wedding coordinator?

That is up to you. Though I strongly recommend that there is someone responsible for making sure the wedding party gets to and from the front of the church or ceremony location in an orderly fashion. I will handle the service from the moment that the bride and groom are in front of me to when I marry them and they recess out. Beyond that, it is up to you to recruit and work with whomever you like to ensure that the rest of the wedding looks and runs according to your preferences

Do you officiate at outdoor weddings?

Yes. But I strongly recommend that you have a backup location indoors in the case of inclement weather.

What is the next step?

If you are still interested in me officiating at your ceremony, please fill out the information below and I'll get in touch with you. 

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